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Grand Rock Stacks - Diesel Pickup Truck Stacks
Dodge, Ford, GMC Duramax Stack Systems

> Chrome Stacks - Big Rig Look Big Rig Sound!
> Reduced Restrictions
> Improved Exhaust Flow
> Benefits:
> EGT's Exhaust Gas Temperatures
> Improve Fuel Mileage
> Increase Engine Longevity


South Bend Clutch - Heavy Duty Clutch Kits

Solid Mass Flywheels Single  & Dual Disc Clutches,

Drag, Pull and Race Competition Clutches

> Solid Mass Flywheel
> Heavy Duty Clutch Assemblies
> Prevent Clutch Slippage
> Smooth and Fast Transfer of Power
> Strength to Handle Towing Large Loads
> Holding Power to Handle Performance Upgrades



Injectors - Diesel Performance Injectors,

Stock Replacement Fuel Injectors

> Ford Powerstroke Injectors
> Ram Dodge Cummins Injectors
> GMC Chevy Duramax Fuel Injectors
> Increased Horsepower and Torque
> Increased Fuel Milage and Performance
> UDP, Industrial Injection, Dipaco Dtech 


Chips Tuners & Programmers

> Increase Fuel Economy
> Large Horsepower Gains
> More Power When You Want It
> Race / Off Road Race Tuning 


Air Intakes - AFE Magnum Force Cold Air Intakes, 

Stage 1 and Stage 2 Intake Systems

> Maximize Air Flow
> Protect Your Engine
> Increase Fuel Economy
> Increased Air Flow Means You Get More Power
   with your Chips and Tuners


Turbos Turbochargers - Garrett Turbos, BD Diesel 

DPS Diesel Power Source Turbos

> Increase Economy
> Drastic Horsepower Increases
> Compound Turbo Kits For Ultimate Performance
> Upgrade Your Stock Turbo for More Performance

Diesel Performance Parts & Products for Ford, Ram/Dodge and GMC Duramax Diesel Pickup Trucks!

Looking for Quality Diesel Truck Parts?  Better fuel economy? You have come to the right place! Black Cloud Diesel Performance is a quality company committed to providing excellent customer service, while offering you the highest quality For Diesel Pickup Truck Performance Parts, Aftermarket Truck Parts and  Aftermarket Performance Upgrades

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Black Cloud Diesel has what you need to add performance, power and fuel economy to your ride! Put more power to the road while cruising in your Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax or Dodge Cummins diesel truck!

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