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Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Injectors

Ford 6.0L Injectors Diesel Fuel Injectors for 6.0L Powerstroke Engines

Dipaco DTech Fuel Injectors for 6.0L Ford engines are Shop Quality Ford 6.0L Diesel Fuel Injectors -Dipaco_DTech Injectors Remanufactured Stock 6.0L Fuel Injectors feature:

     *Modified Spoolers - to eliminate the missing and cold start issues

     *New Coil and Wire Assemblies on Every Injector (not only 'as needed')

     *New Nozzle Assembly

     One Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

OEM Motorcraft Injectors Factory-Built Stock Injectors

Pure Power Performance Injectors for Early and Late 6.0L Ford PS- Stock, Race1 175cc Performance Injectors, Race2 190cc Performance Injectors

60L Ford Powerstroke Diesel Fuel Injectors -High Quality Stock Replacement Injectors and Performance Upgrade Fuel Injectors!

NOTE:  All performance 6.0L injectors require 65psi fuel pressure and Adequate oil supply.  Failure to meet critical pressures and volumes will result in injector failure.