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Grand Rock Stacks

Grand Rock triple plated chrome stacks for Diesel pickup trucks are the highest quality chrome stacks available in the industry. Grand Rock Stack Kits & Stack Exhaust Systems are made in America and have superior fit and finish. Grand Rock Cat Back Stack Installation Bed Kits include all piping, clamps, and hardware needed for a seamless install. Order Turbo Back Stack Exhaust Kits for a complete stack exhaust system from downpipe to stack   tips. Install a Performance  Stack Exhaust Kit to remove stock exhaust restrictions, improve your truck's power and performance, increases fuel mileage/economy, reduce exhaust gas temperatures (lower EGTs) and increases the longevity of your truck's engine. Universal Cat Back Stack Bed Kit for Ford, Chevy & Dodge Diesel Trucks. Choose from 5 different styles of stacks: Straight, Mitre, Turn Out, Aussie, and Bull Hauler. You will love the quality & look of these commercial quality, triple plated chrome Grand Rock Stacks! We warehouse a large selection of Grand Rock products for same day shipping.

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BUILD YOUR STACK KIT!  To Get Started Just Click the type of stack kit or parts you want, then follow the Stack Kit Builder to Get the Stacks You Want Plus the Parts You Need! Or Call 715-824-5051 email orders@blackclouddiesel.com.   If you are looking for individual exhaust parts to design a custom kit see "BigRigExhaust".

What Are You Looking For?

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stacksstyle.jpgThe standard stack length is 36” long, which brings the stacks up to level with the cab or approximately 2” over the cab. Both 48” and 60” stacks are also available if you want your stacks to be much higher than the cab, or if you are doing a custom install and need longer stacks to accommodate your plans. The stack Installation kit adds approximately 10” of length to the stacks because of the T-Pipe mounted in the bed. There is only one hole that needs to be cut in the bed, which is for the T-Pipe. All the piping in the kit is commercial grade aluminized steel. All clamps are heavy duty and Zinc coated for durability. The kit piping transitions from 4” to 5” and all piping above the bed is 5”. Complete 5” kits are available for 5” exhausts. For optimal performance, the ideal ehaust size for diesel trucks is 4” except for trucks making extreme horsepower.

Grand Rock Stack Systems come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty on defects and workmanship.